Rise of the Pixels

A game about game development, on Hive.

Welcome to Rise of the Pixels, where your dream of running a game development studio becomes a reality! In this Web3 browser game, you take the reins of a burgeoning game studio and embark on an journey to create gaming masterpieces.

Game Highlights

🎮 Assemble Your Team

You'll assemble a talented team of NFT developers and designers to bring your game ideas to life. Pay attention to their speed, skills, and cost. Assign the right people to the right project, trade/sell workers with other players, and optimize towards the kind of studio you want to run.

As workers gain experience, you’ll unlock unique traits that will help improve your game studio output. Eventually, workers will mature and retire, but they'll still be valuable to your studio and act as mentors to the next cohort of talent.

The beings in the "Pixelverse" may look human... but they also have some very alien capabilities. For example, it is possible for them to undergo the boost of "Fusion," which takes into consideration their names, affiliations, and appearance. Learning the art of Fusion will give any aspiring studio manager an edge.

🌟 Craft Epic Games

Every game your game studio works to create will be unique and will be borne of your directorial prowess and the ability of your team to execute (and maybe a little bit of luck). Not only must you name and describe your game titles (as the game will penalize you for being lazy here) you will need to meticulously fine-tune the parameters of the games' development.

Based on your chosen dev team, you will weight the effort of time and resources spent on:

  • Game engine

  • Graphics

  • Dialogue

  • Story quest

  • ...and much, much more :)

🧠 Dynamic AI-Driven Behavior

The in-game world evolves in real-time, adapting to player choices and market trends. Game ratings and reviews are dynamically generated based on in-game dynamics and assisted by AI.

(Of note, AI platforms have assisted in much of the Rise of the Pixel's content.)

💼 Expand Your Empire

Success breeds success. As your games gain popularity and the $PXL starts to flow, expand your studio, train your workers, scout the marketplace to hire more talented individuals, and take on grander projects. Establish alliances with other players, engage in trading, and enter competitive events to propel your studio to new heights.

🌐 Embrace the Power of Web3

Powered by the Hive blockchain the game allows players to own their $PXL tokens and NFTs and trade them on the marketplace. Each team member and accessory is an unique item with its own stats and abilities.

While the game engine is built on Hive the team looks forward to supporting more platforms and blockchains in the future, allowing Players from all across Web3 to enjoy the game.

This Rulebook has been updated to reflect the state of the game for Launch on April 22, 2024. There may still be minor updates and changes as we adapt the game to a live environment.

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