Seasons & Leaderboards

It's winnin' season

Seasons are 10-day recurring events that track in-game actions and award points to Players. Points are equivalent to raffle ticketsβ€”at the end of each Season, prizes are drawn and distributed to winners, the points are reset, and a new Season begins.

The Leaderboard page tracks these points and provide information on the current Season.

Earning points / tickets

Points are earned by completing in-game actions.

Points for making Games

  • Earn 0.5 points for every 3 hour game created

  • Earn 1.0 point for every 6 hour game created

  • Earn 2.0 points for every 12 hour game created

  • Earn 4.0 points for every 24 hour game created

Essentially, 0.5 points per 3 hours spent making games. We will refer to this ratio if the game length options ever change.

The Best Game of the Day in both the Solo and Small Reward Pools will earn 5.0 points towards the Season Leaderboard.

Points for completing Research and Development

  • Earn 0.5 points for researching Mark 1 technology

  • Earn 1.0 point for researching Mark 2 technology

  • Earn 2.0 points for researching Mark 3 or above technology

Points for Training

Earn 0.5 points per Training session.

Points for "Best Game of the Day"

Every day one game is selected as the Best of the Day for each Project Categories. The "Best of the Day" award is worth 5.0 points.

Points for referring users

You earn 10.0 points if someone joins Rise of the Pixels using your referral code AND purchases a Game Dev Studio License.


Prizes will vary from Season to Season. Typically, some kind of NFT, openable pack, and/or $PXL tokens can be expected as prizes.

Winners are unique: once a name is drawn it is removed from the raffle.

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