When standard issue HR just won't cut it

When you open a pack you have the option to select a Recruiter. Each recruiter will grant specific benefits/boosts.

Keep in mind that some recruiters can be more expensive than others or willing to work only with the most reputable Game Studios.

At launch there will be 2 recruiters unlocked.

Grace Hopper

Provide a boost on the number of NFTs obtained when opening packs in bulk. Applies to both Team Members and Accessories:

  • 100+ packs: +4%

  • 200 packs: +5%

Grace is willing to work with all game studios, regardless of their reputation and does not require an extra cost.

Cid Meier

Guarantee minimum drop rates for "Epic" and "Legendary" NFTs when opening 100+ packs.

  • Epic: 4% minimum drop rate

  • Legendary: 1% minimum drop rate

Cid is only willing to work with game studios with 15+ reputation for a cost of 10 PXL per pack (the amount will be automatically deducted from the PXL coins received upon pack opening).

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