Game Roadmap

The road is long, with a many a winding turn 🎡

Here’s a recap of the Beta Roadmap (now complete)

  • βœ… Pack purchase and opening

  • βœ… Team members fusion

  • βœ… Accessories (mint, equip, kit bonuses)

  • βœ… Game creation (core loop, rating algorithm, review system)

  • βœ… Hive Engine reward token ($PXL)

  • βœ… Research projects

  • βœ… Team member training

  • βœ… v1 market conditions

And here’s a look towards what we have planned in the near and medium term:

PRETTY SOON (Q2 2024-ish)

Limited edition β€œwild” accessories

βœ… Studio avatars (only common rarity will be cosmetic)

Working mentor slots

Improved logbook events (including fun stuff to read while waiting for stuff)

Hotfixes to economy as needed (we will spend much of Q2 2024 monitoring the live game for stability and critical user feedback)

SOONISH (probably before 2025)

More nuanced market conditions (in progress!)

New Worker Type: Marketer

New Worker Type: Project Manager (required for games with 3+ Workers)

Feedback mechanisms to help Players make better game configuration choices

Fine-tune cosmetic AI outputs (e.g. reviews, ratings, NSFW tags)

Custom and licenseable game covers (new potential way to earn $PXL)

Changes / upgrades to current features (e.g. more sophisticated Research or Training)

Richer game lore built into the site, NFTs, and gameplay


Integration with other blockchains

Special game events (e.g. Hackathons)

The 16-Bit Era

Once the 8-Bit packs run out, we will release a new set of packs along with a new set of core features. At least that is the plan. It is hard to say when the packs will sell out, so this one is mostly up to the community. If the team feels ready to enter the next era before packs sell out, we may burn unsold packs to get us there.

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