$PXL Tokens & Coins

Currency of the realm

We have worked with the people of the vibrant realm of the Pixelverse, and established two digital currencies: $PXL Token and PXL Coins. Each serves their own purpose within the gaming ecosystem and covers the Pixelverse's and our realm’s regulations.

By understanding the distinct roles of $PXL Tokens and PXL Coins, Players can navigate the game's economic landscape effectively, engaging in both the marketplace and the internal operations of their Game Development Studio.

$PXL Token

Transferable, Buyable and Sellable

  • Can be transferred from account to account

  • Can be withdrawn to an external chain (like Hive Engine)

  • Can be used to buy NFTs and other assets within the in-game Marketplace protocol

$PXL Tokens can be transferred from and to an external chain (Hive Engine), where it can be freely bought and sold, providing players with a dynamic marketplace to trade and acquire this official in-game currency.

Marketplace Utility (Soon)

Soon after launch, $PXL Tokens will be enables as an option for player to player marketplace transactions. Initially, we will be testing the marketplace using $HIVE and $HBD (see Marketplace for more details).

Token Distribution

Reward pools are created from $PXL tokens.

What they will NOT be used for:

There will be no pre-sale or token distribution before the game launch.

The creators of Rise of the Pixels will not get a share of the token distribution. (The team reserves the right to allocate some tokens to benefit of the Rise of the Pixels and its community. See Tokenomics for more details.)

PXL Coins

Non-transferable. Cannot be bought or sold.

  • Obtained when opening a pack

  • These are "soulbound" and can not be transferred, withdrawn, sold, or traded.

Their primary goal is to allow players who purchase packs to kickstart their studio, cover operating costs and begin to earn the more flexible $PXL Token as rewards. They also slow the minting of Tokens, giving the developers additional means to manage the economy.

Tokens and Coins

Both coins and tokens can be used for various in-game activities:

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