Purchase pretty pixel packs

We have worked with the people and the governments of the Pixelverse to legally operate there. We have also sourced an initial cohort of 30,000 Pixelians who are ready to join your studio to pioneer joint Pixelverse-Earth game development.

The Shop is where go to buy a Game Dev Studio License and 8-Bit Packs. Presently the main currency accepted in the Shop is the $HIVE token. Going forward more tokens will be supported to easily onboard new players.

Before you purchase packs you should keep in mind that the in-game Marketplace will not be available before the official game launch. During the Beta phase all packs purchased will be "locked" in the buyer account till the official release.

Game Dev Studio License

The Game Dev Studio License is required to run a company in the Pixelverse. It also allows you to earn rewards from your game sales. Presently each account can purchase only one license.

Each license costs $8 USD and includes a free "8-Bit Starter Pack." This special pack is part of the 8-Bit Era but it is guaranteed to drop a Developer (this is to allow everyone to start working on their first game right away).


Each pack is from a specific era with a limited supply and contains the following items:

  • x1 team member

  • x1 accessory

  • Some PXL Coins (in-game only token that can be used to pay your team, but cannot be withdrawn, transferred or traded)

Packs in the 8-Bit Era will cost $3 USD and the total supply is fixed at 30,000 packs. You can purchase up to 200 packs in a single transaction, but there is no limit to the number of purchase transaction for an account.

There is a bonus for bulk purchases?

Technically no, not for the purchase itself. But there is a bonus for bulk pack opening. When using the default recruiter (who doesn't charge an extra fee) you will get extra recruits. (+4% when opening 100+ packs and +5% when opening 200+ packs. 4 and 10 bonus team members respectively).


When you open a pack you have the option to select one of a few Recruiters. Each recruiter will grant specific benefits/boosts.

Keep in mind that some recruiters can be more expensive than others or willing to work only with the most reputable Game Studios.

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