Research and Development


New research projects are usually a big part of a successful game. Allowing your team to leverage state of the art technologies will provide them with powerful boosts during the game creation process.

There are multiple research groups a Game Dev Studio can focus on based on the type of games they plan to build. Each group provides development boosts in one main area.

For each group, multiple projects are available and each project can be levelled up multiple times. The higher the level, the better the boost provided when using the research in your games.

But not all research is created equally. The final quality and the exact boosts provided by a research project depends on the quality of the team working on it. Each research receives a Quality Score upon release. That score directly determines the percentage boost received when the research is used for a game.

Research projects are powerful tools, but those tools have to be in good shape when you need them. As you use your newfound tech in your game, it will accumulate Tech Debt. To clear the Tech Debt and keep your resources in good shape an Upkeep action is requiredβ€”at the cost of a few $PXL.

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