Your First Game

Ready to become the Picasso of pixels?

Once you have set up your dream team it’s time to make it work! So let’s go through the steps required to create a game.

#1 Select your audience and the type of the game

The first step is related to the selection of the team composition, genre, theme, and platform.

The second step involves the selection of what type of game you’re going to create. Here you’ll have different possible combinations and outcomes for your game based on genre/theme and platform you are choosing.

TIP: check the market trend to understand if it’s possible for you to create a game that can target it.

#2 Write a title and a description

Here’s you can be really creative in finding out the perfect title that fits your new game. Be also wise in writing a meaningful description. The last requirement is to select a picture for your game.

TIP: title and description matter. Consider the type of game you are creating: title and description can have a positive or negative impact on the rating of your game. If you want to have a chance to get a A grade rating you should to avoid NSFW content or a title too similar to existing games one.

#3 Assign the team members

Next you have to select what team members are going to work on the new game. In your team you must always have 1 developer. So if you decided to go for 'solo' it's time to make your developer work, while if you set 'small' you can create a team up to 3 members.

Be sure to check out Review your Teamand Your Team to better understand how to create a great team.

TIP: think and plan in advance. You should have already decided what team members you are going use for the creation of the game, carefully considering the type of the game you're developing.

#4 Add research (if any)

If you have developed some research it’s now the time to use it. To get the most out from your game you should use any available element you have too try to boost all your possibilities to create a big hit.

TIP: again, plan in advance in what type of research you should invest in by thinking about the games you are going to create. Remember that the research add development points in specific areas.

#5 Allocate your development points

Here we come to the core of development and you are so close to create your game, Now you have to decide how to distribute the development points you have. The total amount of the development points you have depends on 2 factors:

  • total speed of your team (the faster it is and the more points you will have)

  • the duration of the game (the longer it is and the more points you will have)

In addition you could receive a boost in specific areas if you used one or more researches.

TIP #1: reflect a bit on what type of game you are creating and how the points should be allocated. Different type of games require a different distribution. Think about Super Mario or Final Fantasy for example... TIP #2: try to find the right balance. Less rare workers probably needs more time to develop a good product, while with more rare teams you want to release more games and not spend too much time on a project.

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