Stay in school, kids.

Keeping your workers’ skills aligned with your vision and the needs of the market is a hallmark of any great studio head. Worker Training does two key things for you:

  • Change the Traits of your NFTs

  • Chance for a higher Tier of Trait

  • Accumulate XP

The Training Center can be found on the left navigation of the main game. Inside, there are six classrooms—one for each Trait Domain. There are a limited number of seats in each classroom, so you may end up having to wait for someone to finish.

When you send an NFT to training, you will select an eligible Trait to be removed, pay the cost in $PXL, and wait for the Training to conclude. A random new Trait from the chosen domain will be assigned to the NFT at the end. It is possible to roll a better Tier of Trait through this action, but this is a fairly rare occurrence.

In the future, we will consider outcomes other than random Trait assignment for more control and strategizing.

Training costs will vary based on the Domain type and the Worker NFT’s salary (PXL/hour).

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