Just some casual alien melding of mind and body

In the Pixelverse, workers vary in their skill levels— upon arrival in the Pixelverse our company categorized them with common earthlike terms: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. A strange Pixelverse mechanism exists that allows them to increase this rarity. When this mechanism is applied we see a dramatic shift in their innate abilities like Speed and Skill.

They call it "Fusion".

However, it seems that Fusion can only occur when beings share the same first name, last name, or appearance. Furthermore, this appears to be the only way to recruit “Mythic” entities—a level of skill surpassing the superstar Legendary workers.

Fusion Points

We have made it easy to help you understand this Pixelian feature by implementing a point system NFTs can be fused if they have one or more of these attributes in common:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Nickname

  • Image

Each match will grant 1 Fusion Point. All NFTs start with a base of 1 Fusion Point.

NOTE: Sex and roles do not currently seem to impact Fusion. In case of a Male/Female fusion the only valid matching criteria are the "Last name" and "Nickname".


To mint a new NFT of a higher rarity the fusion will require a Pure NFT and a minimum number of Fusion Points. A NFT is considered "Pure" if minted when opening a pack at the rarity used for the fusion (aka not the result of a previous fusion resulting in an rarity upgrade).

The following table details the number of points required to upgrade each rarity:

FromToFusion Points Needed













Notes about Fusion

  • It is not required to combine all the NFTs in one single fusion. In fact, it can be better to fuse separate groups to leverage their matching attributes.

  • Each fusion will preserve the number of fusion points accumulated until that point.

  • Retired NFTs (aka "Mentors") cannot be used in a fusion.

  • When multiple NFTs are fused the resulting NFT will have an initial XP that is computed as the weighted average of the combined ones.

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