Reward Pools

Get in, it's warm!

In Rise of the Pixels players receive rewards based on how good their games are. But contrary to other Web3 games that allocate a fixed pool distributed among all players, we decided to adopt a different approach.

The game reward pools in Rise of the Pixels are dynamic, adapting token emission to the amount of players receiving rewards in a specific moment.

The base size of each reward pool is determined by the amount of $PXL Token and PXL Coins spent by all players for game development and other actions.

Example: If 3 players start creating a game roughly at the same time and each player spends 150 $PXL to pay their team, the initial reward pool size will be 450 $PXL

On top of the base pool, there are some extra rewards (computed as a percentage increment) that will be distributed in each round. For more information on rewards distribution you can refer to Game Rewards.

Multiple reward pools exist to keep the rewards fair for various Game Dev Studios of different scopes and sizes.

In the 8-Bit Era the main reward pools are:

  • Solo projects, one pool for each game development Platform (PC, Console, Arcade)

  • Small projects, one pool for each game development Platform (PC, Console, Arcade)

  • Starter pools that are designed to help make the early game rewarding

  • Once Medium projects are unlocked, another three pools will likely be created.

Common Pools

There also exists a common reward pool that is shared among all game categories. This pool is funded by token spent on Research and Development and Training.

Rewards from this common global pool are distributed at a slower rate to all games that qualify for a reward round.

Starter Pools

If a new account only purchases a few packs, they are often using Common Workers and Accessories to start off. It is hard to create a game with high enough rating to compete with Players who have more advanced assets.

To help balance this, a Player's games will participate in a special Starter Pool if they meet some conditions:

  • Using only Commons (or at least two Commons in a Small Project)

  • Only cards that have come from packs opened by the Player (reduces alt abuse)

  • Fewer than six Accessories equipped to the team

  • No more than one Research tech used, capped at Mark 1

  • Studio License is less than 30 days old

  • Studio Rep below 10

The Starter Pools were created shortly after launch in April 2024. We will continue to monitor the early game economy in order to ensure a fun experience for all Players.

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