Game Dev Studio

Your HQ, your base of operations, your Pixelverse home.

When a player purchases a license a new Game Dev Studio is created. Each player is in charge of a Game Dev Studio and should try to create the best possible games, as this will increase the studio revenues and reputation.

It is important to understand the difference between a Player and a Game Dev Studio.

A Player (blockchain account) is the owner of the following items:

  • $PXL Tokens and PXL Coins

  • The Game Dev Studio License

  • All NFTs, both team members and accessories

  • All completed Research and Development projects

  • All (un-opened) packs

The Game Dev Studio is a separate entity with some specific attributes:

  • A reputation score

  • A fanbase

  • All the games released by that studio

NOTE: Players in the future may run multiple Game Dev Studios, but not at launch. So this distinction will be even more important going forward.

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