Who does what where

Worker NFTs are classified by Role. In the '8 Bit' era there are two major Roles (Developer and Designer), as well as the planned Mentor.

Each game you create alway requires at least one Developer. Starter packs guarantee a Developer role NFT Worker for this reason.

Designers are optional, but certainly recommended!


Software developers are the backbone of game development. They are responsible for designing and implementing the software that powers the entire game. Their role involves a wide range of tasks and responsibilities:

  • Game Engine Development

  • Gameplay Mechanics

  • Audio Programming

  • Networking and Multiplayer

  • Bug Fixing and Testing

  • Platform Compatibility


Designers play a critical role in game development. They are responsible for shaping the overall experience, gameplay, and visual elements of a game. Here are the key roles and responsibilities of designers in game development:

  • Game Design

  • Storyline and Narrative

  • Level Design

  • Game Mechanics

  • User Experience (UX)

  • Balancing Difficulty

Team Leaders, Artist, Sound Engineer, Marketing

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