Review your Team

Discover the secrets to assembling your A-team

In My Resources section you'll find what you need to know your workers and the available accessories. Target your best workers and equip them with the best accessories you have. That's all! ...or almost.

In your selection you should consider also other factors that can have an impact on the game creation such as Traits for workers and Kits for accessories.


Traits are specific qualities or characteristics that belongs to some workers.

They boost stats of your worker in particular areas, but only in specific conditions.

TIP: be careful when you are setting up you team, don't forget to consider worker traits and the required conditions to in which traits can give you an edge


Certain accessories belong to unique collections known as Kits.

The effectiveness of these accessories increases when a team member uses multiple items from the same Kit.

TIP: do your math to understand what accessories combination will perform best.

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