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Rise of the Pixels revolves around a single game currency: the Hive Engine $PXL token. There is no premine or founder’s share. $PXL is a circular economy: tokens that enter sinks return to pools that supply faucets. The total size of the pools depend largely on user actions.

Total minted $PXL is tightly controlled by two levers:

  1. Number of packs purchased by Players

  2. Game developers’ discretion

Lever 1: Packs purchased by Players

Every 8-bit pack purchased releases 100 soulbound (cannot be traded) PXL Coins, which must be spent in-game to trigger the minting of $PXL Tokens. The Starter Pack that comes with the Studio Dev License emits about 250 PXL Coins. There are 30,000 total 8-bit packs, which can be any mix of regular or starter pack, but with a strong bias towards regular packs.

Within the 8-bit era, we can safely estimate that the total $PXL mintable by pack purchase will be less than 4,000,000 tokens. This soft cap could increase upon the issuance of a new pack-set.

Lever 2: Game developers’ discretion

Our goal is to create a fun and rewarding game. To this end, we may inject $PXL tokens into the economy to bolster user activity or enjoyment. For example, if a situation arises where many created games are failing to produce more $PXL than it costs to make them (despite having good ratings), we could inject the Reward Pools with extra $PXL to help boost rewards. Special Events or Game Modes may also be introduced that create small PXL Coin or Token faucets.

We have no current plans to use a $PXL sale to fund development. If those plans change, there will be a full discussion with the community to weigh concerns and sentiment.

Current $PXL Faucets

Apart from the two levers discussed above, the only other way for a Player to obtain $PXL is to play the main loop of the game. They must create games that generally outperform other games in the in-game market. $PXL rewards will be issued every hour for at least 20 hours after a game is released. The total $PXL earned may or may not cover the costs of game development. Like any business, Players must manage their budgets carefully. We anticipate this tension being a core contributor to regulating sell pressure.

Current $PXL Sinks

Most in-game actions require $PXL. Spent $PXL is not burned: it is returned to several pools (see: Reward Pools) that supply the main Faucet.

Sinks include:

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