Open Beta

A pixelated practice run

The game is now live and the "Open Beta" is closed. Thanks to our awesome community for all the feedback received.

We look forward in engage the Hive gamer community to gather feedback and suggestions. The main reason for this Beta phase is to be sure we have a fine tuned game with good mechanics ready for the official launch.

How to access the Beta?

Everyone who purchase a Game Dev Studio License or a Pack will be able to access the open Beta.

How will the Beta work?

  • During the Beta players will be able to play the game with 2x their actual purchased packs.

  • All actions performed during the Beta will not have any effect on the real game at launch. Opening a pack containing a legendary NFT will not grant you the same NFT after the official game launch

  • The Beta server will have all kinds of playable elements, including a test token called $PXL_BETA

  • New features will be incrementally released during the Beta. As we get closer to the official launch you will be able to enjoy more game mechanics as well as the basic game loop

  • Beta Testing will involve server resets. This means progress will periodically be rolled back to zero as we iron out the kinks and smash the bugs.

There are additional details about the token used during the Beta?

  • The token used to test the game during the game is NOT a web3 token

  • Tokens withdraw will not be enabled (the $PXL_BETA token does not exist outside of the game)

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