Game Rating

Each game receive a rating based on two separate criteria.

Game Rating Engine (up to 90% of the final score)

  • How well the selected genre/theme fit together and how successful those types of games are for the selected platform

  • Development task points allocation (number of available points depends on team total speed and selected project duration)

  • Skill of your team and how they fit the specific game type. Remember that some Rolesare better suited for some development tasks

  • Boosts from research used to create the game.

AI Rating (up to 10% of the final score)

  • Game title and description are analyzed by our AI and a score is assigned based on how well those fit your game.

NOTE: There is a system in place to avoid abuse and studios working on the same game type over and over. It is recommended to rotate the type of games you create to maximize your ratings and rewards.

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