Don't sleep on rep!

Each Game Dev Studio has a Reputation (aka rep) that impacts various aspects of the game. And in the future, even more game mechanics may be related to your studio rep.

Some of the effects of the Reputation are:

  • As rep increases, your games have a chance to be more popular and earn rewards for a longer period (aka more reward rounds)

  • Some Recruiters are only willing to work with studios with a rep above a specific threshold.

Your rep changes over time based on the ratings of the games you release. Consistently releasing great games is the best way to increase your Studio Reputation.

On top of this, you can slightly impact your reputation based on the number of un-opened packs you own. More details in Unopened Pack Rewards.

Studio Avatars

Studio Avatars are prizes awarded to winners of special, limited time events. These rare items have a cosmetic effect (you can select your in-game avatar from a list) and at higher rarities they provide a small boost to your Studio Reputation (up to 6% for owning a legendary avatar).

You can select the image based on your preference (limited by the rarity of your avatar). This will not impact the boost as that is solely based on the rarity.

If you own a legendary avatar you still get a 6% boost even when you select a "common" image. In other words, a legendary avatar gives you a boost plus 4 options to choose from within its set. An epic would give 3 choices and a smaller boost, and so on.

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