Buy! Sell! Sell! Buy!

All game items can be sold and bought by players in a Web3 marketplace. The market uses the Hive blockchain and a custom market protocol to facilitate transactions.

3rd party marketplaces and tools can be built on top of this protocol in the future.

There is a flat 2.5% fee for all marketplace sales. This fee is divided based on the following:

  • 0.5% collected by the protocol

  • 1.0% collected by the marketplace/tool used by the owner to list items on the market

  • 1.0% collected by the marketplace/tool used by the buyer to purchase items from the market

NOTE: 3rd party marketplaces/tools need to be manually whitelisted to avoid abuse from players using their own account to get back part of the fees.

When will the Marketplace be available?

The Marketplace will launch with the official game release. During the Beta phase the marketplace will be tested internally.

This means all packs purchased during the initial sale will be locked in the buyer's Hive account until the game release.

What can be listed on the Marketplace?

The marketplace will support all existing NFTs:

  • Team Members

  • Accessories

  • Packs

  • Research Projects

What tokens can be used to trade on the Marketplace?

At the very beginning we'll support $HIVE and $HBD. Going forward we plan to support the native $PXL token as an option for marketplace trades.

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