Pick your allegiances wisely

There are four main factions operating in Rise of the Pixels. Every Game Dev Studio can support one of them to unlock specific boosts and rewards (https://riseofthepixels.com/factions).

The exact type of benefits depends on the selected faction and the amount of Token Staking & Liquidity Pools provided. Staked tokens and pool liquidity are automatically tracked by the game.

Choosing and switching factions

At the time of launch, all factions will follow the same rules: they will award some $PXL every six hours based on how much youโ€™ve staked. The amount of $PXL depends on a few things:

  • Your total stake (including LP) compared to others who support the faction

  • The factionโ€™s pool of $PXL, which is filled periodically

Since the pool filling and the relative faction support is dynamic, the rewards can vary based on how many players decided to stake their tokens into a specific faction.

All $PXL rewards are distributed as staked tokens.

In the near future, factions will also provide in-game bonuses on top of their $PXL payouts. Which faction you support may depend on maximizing $PXL, or game bonuses, or some combination.

Changing factions

You may change a faction after a 5-day cooldown. This is to prevent people from rapidly switching factions to capitalize on trends or engage in other opportunistic tactics.

LP Boost

Tokens in the liquidity pool will enjoy a 1.25x boost when calculating Faction support numbers. Liquidity providers also enjoy earning a portion of the fees collected by the pool whenever a swap occurs (this is built into Hive Engine pools).

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