The Pixelverse

A world teeming with possibility.

In a reality parallel from our own exists a place called the Pixelverse—a unique realm at the cusp of a digital renaissance, bursting with vibrant hues, eclectic beings, and endless opportunities. Until recently, this world had never known video games. But now, the Pixelverse’s game dev scene has blossomed and sends a clarion call to you for your expertise.

Experienced gamers, game designers, and devs from Earth are headed over to the Pixelverse to answer this call. Our new friends are ready and excited to see what people from our realm can offer. The beings there are signing up by the thousands for a chance to work in your studio.

Together, we shall bring forth the ...Rise of the Pixels

The 8-Bit Era

The Pixelverse is still in a very early stage of its journey. Their technology is akin to Earth’s 1980’s, and it’s up to us here to help accelerate them through the ages. As the game evolves, so too will the eras in the game.

We scoured the Pixelverse and narrowed it down to about 30,000 workers suitable for working with Earthlings. We're sure more Pixelians will want a chance to work with you in the future, especially once Earth-run studios start creating games.

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