Unopened Pack Rewards

Can you say HODL?

Un-opened packs will provide a daily reputation boost to the owner. This will allow players to slowly increase their studio reputation till they reach reputation 50.

Reputation Boost Details

The best way to increase your studio reputation is the release of great games. On top of that you can still receive a small reputation boost from unopened packs.

The max limit is increased to 50 rep. The daily increment can be computed using this formula:

NEW_REP = OLD_REP + (((50 - OLD_REP) / 30000) * UNOPENED_PACKS)

As a studio approaches a reputation of 50, the successive increments will shrink. Studios with a rep above 50 will not receive the boost from unopened packs.

An overview of the number of days required to reach reputation 15:

  • 100 packs: reach 15 reputation in 106 days

  • 200 packs: reach 15 reputation in 53 days

  • 400 packs: reach 15 reputation in 26 days

  • 1000 packs: reach 15 reputation in 20 days

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