Shiny shiny toys!

In Rise of the Pixels, each team member uses generic computer equipment by default. However, the team members can be equipped with a unique and helpful NFT accessory. These items not only add a touch of personalization but also provide valuable boosts to your Workers' main stats: skill and speed. However, they also increase the overall cost for the Worker, so balance is key!

All Accessories are also tradable NFTs.

Keep an eye out for rare and special accessories that might appear, they can provide even greater advantages. With the right combination of team members and accessories, you'll be well on your way to dominating the game development world!

Accessory Details

Currently 4 accessory types exist. Each type has a 25% drop chance when opening a pack:

  • Keyboard

  • Mouse

  • Monitor

  • Headset

Accessories can provide a boost to a team member skill, but also increase the overall cost of the team working on your game.

Each Accessory NFT is identified by the following properties:

  • ID: Attribute that uniquely identifies each NFT

  • Name: The accessory name

  • Image: A randomly selected image from our repository of AI-assisted art. You may see special images for Kits, which are collectable sets. See Kits below for more details

  • Desc: Flavor text to describe the NFT

  • Rarity: Accessories can range from Common to Legendary. No one has yet discovered a Mythic Accessory. More details below Rarity

  • Type: One of the types listed above

  • Stats: This describes how the Accessory will impact the Worker who equips it. More details in Stats


Each NFT has a rarity that directly impacts the generated stats.

RarityDrop ChanceKit ChanceMax HP


















Stat values are randomly generated. Higher rarities have a higher chance of getting better attributes.

For more details about accessory stats please refer to the stats paragraph in the Your Team page. Accessory stats are generated in the same way of team member stats but the values are divided by 10.

NOTE: The 8-Bit era does not include any "Mythic" accessories (that we know of...)


Some accessories are part of special and powerful Kits. As more Accessories from the same Kit are used by a team member, those accessories perform better.

Kit boost is increased for each equipped accessory of the same kit:

  • 2 accessories from a kit: +4% boost on those accessories stats

  • 3 accessories from a kit: +8% boost on those accessories stats

  • 4 accessories from a kit: +12% boost on those accessories stats

Accessory Traits

Some accessories can be a better fit for a specific team member based on some of their Traits. Specifically all traits in "Accessory Domain" will grant an additional boost if the team member is equipped with an accessory of a specific type.

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