Game Rewards

Wen ROI?

Once a Game Dev Studio completes a game and the game is released (refer to Games for more details) it starts earning rewards.

A game collects rewards (aka sales) in across several rounds. A round occurs once every 60 Earth minutes.

Usually a game collects rewards for 20 rounds But the reward rounds can go up if the game is very highly rated and/or your game studio reputation is high (up to 26 rounds). The share of the reward pool collected by a new game goes down over time, so expect your game to perform better in the first rounds after the release.

NOTE: In future editions there may be marketing, PR and other mechanisms to boost and extend the number of reward rounds.

How many rewards should I expect for my game?

The amount of rewards is dynamically computed based on multiple criteria:

  • Game Review Ratings (partially managed by an AI engine!)

  • Game Dev Studio Reputation and Fanbase scores

  • Game Marketing and Hype

  • Pixelverse's Market conditions

  • Size of the Reward Pools for the specific game type

  • Rating of games released by other players participating in the same reward round

Should I expect to receive more than what I spent to create the game?

The amount is not fixed and varies from game to game and from round to round. The effective result of this reward model is that some games may not receive an amount of rewards higher or equal to the amount of tokens spent to create the gameβ€”and some will. It's up to you to find the patterns, invest in strategic upgrades, and roll with the punches.

Whatever the rating and rewards received by a game your team member NFTs will always increase their experience when working on a game.

During the Beta testing, we will endeavor to ensure that playing Rise of the Pixels is rewarding and fun. Taking loss after loss on creating games is obviously not very fun, so we'll be keeping an eye on things.

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