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To embark on your journey in Rise of the Pixels, where you'll own a game dev studio, there are a few essential steps to get started.

To get started in the Pixelverse your first stop is the official shop page.

Here you can secure your Game Dev StudioLicense. This license is your gateway to developing groundbreaking games and leading your studio to success. A studio license is mandatory to access the core features of the game.

While the studio license provides you with the essentials, enhancing your gameplay experience can be achieved through various packs. These packs offer additional opportunities and provide you with an edge in the competitive world of game development.

By securing your studio license and utilizing these packs, available on our shop, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities in Rise of the Pixels. Get ready to create blockbuster games, manage a top-tier studio, and become a legendary game developer!

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